Saturday, 16 February 2008

A Forgotten Diary

Gosh been so, so hectic I forgot I even had a Blog. Well so whats been happening in the world of Aberystwyth and Scott. Well we won't cover December coz everyone knows all that happens is Christmas and getting drunk on New Years. January 7th made my way back up here. I had my semester 1 exams which dear God I hope I have passed but I got a sneaky suspicion I may have failed them. Been out of Aberystwyth twice too see very good friends of mine once to Winchester and the other time in Newcastle. We had a TWISTER, Oh My God so glad I wasn't in Aber at the time instead was heading back to Aber and sat on a train between Reading and Oxford. Well I thought I was turning Welsh Nationalist after reading so many books for Welsh History and taking all the info on board, well the essay question is "Account for the rise in support for Political Nationalism in late 20th Century Wales". Not been half as drunk as I was last semester, Saints preserve us, Scott may be calming down as the year goes on. Well anyway I moved from Flat 29 to Flat 26, you really don't realise how much stuff you have until you move, I must have like a truckload by now and I came here with a holdall and a suitcase.