Saturday, 16 February 2008

A Forgotten Diary

Gosh been so, so hectic I forgot I even had a Blog. Well so whats been happening in the world of Aberystwyth and Scott. Well we won't cover December coz everyone knows all that happens is Christmas and getting drunk on New Years. January 7th made my way back up here. I had my semester 1 exams which dear God I hope I have passed but I got a sneaky suspicion I may have failed them. Been out of Aberystwyth twice too see very good friends of mine once to Winchester and the other time in Newcastle. We had a TWISTER, Oh My God so glad I wasn't in Aber at the time instead was heading back to Aber and sat on a train between Reading and Oxford. Well I thought I was turning Welsh Nationalist after reading so many books for Welsh History and taking all the info on board, well the essay question is "Account for the rise in support for Political Nationalism in late 20th Century Wales". Not been half as drunk as I was last semester, Saints preserve us, Scott may be calming down as the year goes on. Well anyway I moved from Flat 29 to Flat 26, you really don't realise how much stuff you have until you move, I must have like a truckload by now and I came here with a holdall and a suitcase.

Sunday, 18 November 2007

The Essay Deadline

So now I realised that when my Laptop crashed the other day I didn't save that Essay due in Tomorrow and have got today to do this Education essay as well as 2500 word essay for the Soviet Union Module by Tuesday, Oh God I Hate This. I got not much sleep last night, the wind was truly awful and being on the fifth floor with the wind howling and the whole roof above me creaking did not create a restful environment, I probably would have slept better down on the Beach.

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

There was a Student

There was a student who it seemed could not gain the satisfaction and approval of those new people they had met, they seemed to want them to be the one who kept things in order and as soon as the standards sliiped it seemed they wanted no more and decided (well the interpretation was) they wanted nothing more to do with them.
The answer was to jump on a train and make the ten hour journey to that place everyone has a dear longing for, Home. The journey was one full of anticipation and happiness, the student would be leaving their teenage years and embark on the path to adulthood. At home things were not as they seemed instead expecting a different person they were greeted by someone who seemed to have changed for the worst and gave some advice to the student. The student embarked on the journey back to University with a changed outlook on life and decided to embark on a new lifestyle. The student decided to clear the cupboards, sort out the paperwork and begin again. The student however took no liking to the new lifestyle and found themselves in the toilet making sure any calories they had eaten were not digested and took to listening to the music that got them through the darkest days of their teenage life. They listened to this music not for comfort but reassurance that things get worse, times can get very dark, and that sinking to all new lows is a normal part of life. A process they are willing to go through in order to gain the approval they so badly want.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

What I have been up to.

well guys a lot has happened. i am no longer a student of german and education but now a history and education student. i have a lot of catch up to do and it seems a rather daunting task ahead. in 48 hours time i will be crossing the Tamar Bridge back in to my native Cornwall and going home after 4 long weeks and only to come back 4 days later to return back to Aberystwyth. i am getting a grip on my life and hoping that soon i will feel a lot better in myself and happier here. I am on Official strike meaning that I will not be doing any cooking or cleaning that is not for my benefit. Bitchy. No I am fed up of clearing after everyone else and then cooking for them. I have cooked so many times and only once has someone cooked for me.

Saturday, 13 October 2007

Ready for Bed

I just been out and about on the town with my friends Leah and Flic, had a great time and am now sat at home listenin to my new fave song the Sam and Amanda cover version of Barbie Girl, you gotta love it. But anyhow I'm just ready to go home to bed back in Cornwall and not here in Aber. Those of you who said it wouldn't last 4 weeks, you may be right. Sorry to those who have believed in me and thought I could do this.

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Need Vitamins

I have just eaten a salad for the first time since I came to Aber and drank Multi-Vitamin Juice in the hope that it will keep the infamous Fresher's Flu at bay. It seems everyone is coming down with it and I think I will be the next victim. I am pleased to also say that we passed our first flat inspection with flying colours YaY.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Ok so I missed a Lecture or Two

Today has been so bad I slept in late and missed my two morning lectures. V. Bad and expect I will be in trouble when I see my tutors next. I then go to my German lecture this afternoon and nobody is there so at first I cannot find the room, 30 minutes of walking from building to building on campus and going round in circles is very frustrating, then for nobody to be there, Oh Come On. I decided instead to go get some groceries at Morrisons, about 10 mins on bus from Campus. I then come back and make a stew which I will go eat in a bit. Last night I admit to getting a little tipsy but not very very drunk so that resolution has been kept to and I must stop smoking but I have had only 3 today so have cut back very much compared to last week.