Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Ok so I missed a Lecture or Two

Today has been so bad I slept in late and missed my two morning lectures. V. Bad and expect I will be in trouble when I see my tutors next. I then go to my German lecture this afternoon and nobody is there so at first I cannot find the room, 30 minutes of walking from building to building on campus and going round in circles is very frustrating, then for nobody to be there, Oh Come On. I decided instead to go get some groceries at Morrisons, about 10 mins on bus from Campus. I then come back and make a stew which I will go eat in a bit. Last night I admit to getting a little tipsy but not very very drunk so that resolution has been kept to and I must stop smoking but I have had only 3 today so have cut back very much compared to last week.

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