Tuesday, 23 October 2007

What I have been up to.

well guys a lot has happened. i am no longer a student of german and education but now a history and education student. i have a lot of catch up to do and it seems a rather daunting task ahead. in 48 hours time i will be crossing the Tamar Bridge back in to my native Cornwall and going home after 4 long weeks and only to come back 4 days later to return back to Aberystwyth. i am getting a grip on my life and hoping that soon i will feel a lot better in myself and happier here. I am on Official strike meaning that I will not be doing any cooking or cleaning that is not for my benefit. Bitchy. No I am fed up of clearing after everyone else and then cooking for them. I have cooked so many times and only once has someone cooked for me.

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