Monday, 8 October 2007

A Brand New Diary

Two Weeks of living it up as a Fresher have come to an End, and I have decided to keep a Diary and follow some new rules:
1. No excessive Alcohol Consumption
2. Give Up Smoking
3. Eat Healthy
4. Knuckle down to my Uni Work
5. Find A Job
6. Stop being Homesick
7. Not allow people to use me as a Pushover
8. Learn Welsh (Cymraeg)

Well as a fresher I can say I have not followed one of these rules and I can safely say that I feel no better for it and now I begin my new life here in Wales, a whole new Country, a whole new Me. I think the homesickness may well be down to the fact that I know I have been away from home since 7:40AM on Friday 21st September. I feel that this could be the start of something good or at worst I fail and board the train back to Cornwall. Anyway here's a picture of the Building where I have my Education Studies lectures and seminars.

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