Monday, 8 October 2007

So it begins

Broke my word this morning by having a Cigarette, but I had a healthy breakfast and also drank Cranberry Juice so I think I may well be on to a good thing. I actually went to a seminar even though it was a fortnightly one and the next one is next week, better early than late. I am going to my first lecture in Language, Culture and Identity in the European Union this afternoon and am quite looking forward to it. I am going shopping later to buy vegetables and will make a Vegetable Stew for dinner and freeze some so that I do not have an excuse to go and buy Ready Meals. The weather here is amazingly nice considering it is October and we are in Mid-Wales which is notorious for excessive rainfall. Anyhow I'm going to sign off now, so to everyone I send you all best wishes and hope that whatever you are doing, it's going great



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